Confidence Enlargement Cream Short and Small Measures Massage Gel with Power Ingredients Increase Endurance for Men Massage Liquid Citrulline Arginine More effective than adding citrulline High-quality product 3rd generation PNG Male Sexual Massage Gel 45ml

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100 in stock

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About this product
◎ [Patent Biotechnology Enlargement Cream Penis] was developed to solve the shortness of the male penis. It is often used and also acts to prevent delayed ejaculation. Want to regain confidence and dignity as a man! A strong ally for men who want to enjoy for a long time! This massage gel uses plant extracts to effectively care for the damaged corpus cavernosum and restore confidence!
◎[Safe and effective aphrodisiac for men] Selected precious plant extracts, active factors are refined into 8000 D molecules, additive-free, fast-acting, silicone oil-free, hypoallergenic, easily absorbed small molecule dick enlargement cream. Concentrated essence with small molecules, improves cell proliferation in the delicate zone, penetrates deep, strengthens epidermal smooth muscle, structures the shelter of the corpus spongiosum, makes it longer, thicker, and harder! Extract active ingredients, free of chemical industrial ingredients, safe to use.
◎ [Enlargement supplement researched and developed for the male delicate zone, big dick popular] According to research, the optimal PH value for the male delicate zone is between 6-7, which is the optimal survival environment for sperm. This enlargement supplement is derived from the essence of natural plants and has low irritancy. Male perineal massage oil, just one bottle, confidence increase! Confidence returns!
◎[Fast-acting popular male] Penis Enlargement Pump More effective than penis enlargement devices, easier to use. Supports satisfactory size and strength! Men’s massage liquid with outstanding effectiveness.
◎[Next-day shipping] We ship quickly and securely in privacy-oriented packaging that does not reveal the contents.
◎【100-Day Return Guarantee】If you are dissatisfied with the product upon receipt, please contact us as soon as possible. We will respond within 2 business days to ensure your satisfaction.

◎ [Notes.

1, Ingredients of this product can be found in the product information on the detail page

2、Manufacturer:Tai Dongyuan Co.

3, There are individual differences in effectiveness.

4. If it does not fit, discontinue use at and consult a physician.

◎ [Ingredients] Purified water, glycerin, propylene glycol, oshaguzitake extract, inyo kaku extract, kumadura extract, hydroxyethyl cellulose, triethanolamine, sodium polyacrylate, methyl rose hydroxybenzoate, bis(hydroxymethyl)imidazolealkyl Urea, Triclosan, Clara extract, Mehajiki extract, Snake bed extract

せいりょくざい メンズ 強力 勃起 即効性 男性用 媚薬 人気 コックリングと合わせて使用するペニス増大クリーム
バイアグラ 即効性 勃起薬 強力 巨根サプリ 媚薬ローション男性用
ペニス増大器具 日本製 ポンプ アルギニン-シトルリン 精力剤 勃起 即効性 男性用
ペニス増大サプリ 巨根 男性用 媚薬 人気 人気の大人のオモチャ
安全で安心な陰茎増大クリーム 精力増強剤 ちんこ増大
バイアグラ 即効性人気 男性 媚薬 男性用 増大クリーム 巨根 日本製


1. 先天的な短いペニスは、妊娠中の母親が不適切な薬の使用によるものが多くて、アンドロゲン分泌の欠乏を引き起こしたことです。
2. ペニスの大きさは、遺伝的な要因に関係しています。つまり、ペニスはほかの器官と同じ、大きさと形の特徴などは、遺伝子の影響を受けています。
3. 成長期の栄養摂取状況に関係しています。栄養バランスよく食事を食べて、筋肉や成長ホルモンなど体の主な構成成分のタンパク質が多く含めている食品なども十分食べる必要があります。
4. 包茎の場合はペニスの成長に影響を与えています。亀頭の発達に妨げているので、それにつれてペニスの成長に影響されています。包茎の手術などをしない限り、ペニスの短小化する傾向があります。
5. 肥満と短小ペニスに関係があります。調査による、腹部、会陰部などの脂肪が溜ますぎるとペニスの発達も遅く或いは停滞している可能性が高い、一般男性に比べるとペニスの短小化が多いとの結果が分かりました。
6. 内分泌疾患によるアンドロゲンのレベルが低下し、それに睾丸と陰嚢の腫れなどによるペニス短小化になります。







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Based on 35 reviews

You definitely notice a difference from the first time you use it. Gives you a bit of a sensation.And you notice longevity and stamina.Definitely worth a purchase.

3 months ago
Patrick Gullion
Patrick Gullion

So I've had this product about a month now and I have got to say, I get a lot of compliments. Ill start of by saying I was never "small", but what guy doesn't want to be even bigger? And how many girlfriends don't want bigger? This enhancement gel is something I would truly recommend as an addition to a mans "arsenal" for the bedroom. It's super easy to use and starts working almost immediately. Now thanks to this make enchantment gel my girl loves showing me off and sharing me with all of her friends. Definitely a good purchase!

3 months ago

I love using this gel when performing my girth related jelqing techniques. Feels nice on the skin and doesn't leave a sticky residue when dry. This one gives an added "pump" that I've not noticed with other products. I'm on my second tube and I see definitive results. Solid!

3 months ago